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Airports. Seaports. Fine Dining. Beautiful Parks.

With world class amenities befitting a major city like New York or Boston, Elizabeth has grown to be the fourth largest city in the state.

The Port Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal and the Newark Airport are among the busiest transportation hubs in the world, providing thousands of jobs and business opportunities for those that make their living nearby. The train station is a short walk away, providing easy transport north into New York City, or south to Philadelphia.

Shop 'Til You Drop.

For those that enjoy shopping, the Elizabeth Center - housing such stores as IKEA and Toys R' Us, and the Jersey Gardens Outlet Mall are a short drive away. Nearby conveniences such as banks, restaurants, grocery stores, and schools further sweeten the location, making it somewhere you can really settle down and start a family. Later down the line, of course. You know, when you're ready.

Exotic Culture.

Speaking of settling down - if you're still looking for that special someone, Elizabeth boasts a lively and active nightlife with dozens of highly rated nightclubs and bars in the downtown area. The food scene is very exciting, with offerings from all over the world. You can expect to taste every flavor of European cuisine, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian. If that isn't enough enjoy food from Latin America, including Brazilian BBQ, Columbian, Mexican and Argentinian steakhouses. The real thing, too, not some stuffy chain restaurant. With such an exotic variety of food, your friends in New York will be coming to visit you for the food.

Natural Splendor.

Our apartment complex is near Kellog Park. You can enjoy a calming jog or bike ride through the park, offering you a respite from the concrete jungle every day. You can even bring your children there to play with others, helping to form a happy and close knit community.

If you're looking for a larger outdoor area, Warinanco Park is located only a short drive away. It's host to many attractions, such as a paddleboat river course, ice skating rinks, walking trails, fitness course, and a general purpose sports field. All of your outdoor activity desires can be realized within this beautiful Frank Olmstead designed park.

The Weight of History.

Elizabeth was founded in the 17th century by English colonists. Having been around so long means this city has seen its fair share of historical events. It served as the provincial capital for New Jersey in colonial times. It was a hotbed of revolutionary activity during the Revolutionary War. The history buff can spend weeks exploring all the monuments and landmarks that we have to offer.

If you're looking for somewhere you can set down some roots then consider us. When you grow, Elizabeth grows with you, so come be a part of this vibrant and historic city.